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CB Pro Ads is a tool that you can use to make money with an existing website or blog by selling Clickbank Products, as you may familiar with Clickbank, they are the largest digital store carring thousands of digital products and adding in more and more, this making Clickbank is the #1 platform for internet marketer to find the product to sell.

This is not a make money online program or some sort of get rich quick scheme, but it is a tool that you can use to increase your conversion rate if you sell Clickbank products. If you have the website, good for you, CB Pro Ads will provide you with the WordPress plugin tools for you to build your stire front on your website, full or niche. if you do not know how to build the WordPress Website, you can join my Wealthy Affiliate site (absolurtely free to join) and there are bunch of training program to guide you to build a nice and impressive website. Oh! another good news is you can own a new website too when you join in as member, if you are premium member, you can have your own domain hosted by Wealthy Affiliate with no additional cost to you.

If you do not have website at all, you can promote the original CB Pro Ads store front usung your affiliate link, not an issue.

What is inside Clickbank Pro Ads?

There are several things that you can get inside your membership and they include the following:

1. Storefronts

This is an awesome component that will help you a lot. Let me tell you how this works: After you have created your own Clickbank account you will have your very own Affiliate id. This id is the username that you use in order to log into your Clickbank account.

cb proads storefronts

When you sign up for your CB Pro Ads account, you will be asked to provide your CB id. Once you have created your own account then you will have access to a wide variety of websites that you can promote.

All you need to do now is to send traffic to the URL that you got and you will earn a commission if your reader decides to buy a Clickbank product.

Below is an example of one of the links that I created for promoting Affiliate Marketing products

Click Here To See An Example

After you click on the link, you will be redirected to one of my storefronts. This can work wonders if you know how to drive PPC traffic to these URL’s.

2. Plugins for WordPress

If you are doing content marketing and getting your traffic from Google and all the other major search engines, then these plugins can work wonders. You need to download the CBProAds plugin and upload it to your existing website.

You should use WordPress for this to work and once your plugin is activated, you can create a new page on your blog and then through your plugin you will have the ability to create a new store front. All the store fronts are pre-created so all you need to do is to install them.

3. Ad generator

This will allow you to create a custom ad that you put on your website. The ads are already pre-created, but you have the ability to change the borders and colour schemes as well.

After you customized your ad, you can press on the “generate script” button at the bottom of the page. You must then paste this script on your sidebar widget for your ads to be activated.

Pricing options

There are currently 2 pricing options available namely the Free and Pro (Pro costs $39.99) memberships

The main difference between the Free and Pro membership is that your Clickbank ID will only appear 50% of the times and will be rotated with the CB Pro Ads link.

This means that you will lose out on 50% of the revenue that you could have gotten. Another difference is that you are also limited to the amount of traffic that you can send to these ads and that you cannot participate in the CB Ads Affiliate membership.

cb proads pricing (1)

Above is a main summary on the differences between these 2 memberships.

Who should have this program?

If you are someone that already has the experience to drive targeted traffic to a website or blog, then this is for you. Whether you use paid media such as Bing PPC or Facebook ads, then you will love this product. The downside is that Facebook might not approve your campaign as they are not a big fan of Affiliate marketers.

On the other hand if you are an existing blog owner where your website is already receiving traffic, then you can also benefit from this product but you must be willing to sell Clickbank products.

If you are new to internet or affiliate marketing, then you might not want to buy this product at this stage of your learning curve. This product is for the more advanced internet marketer that knows how to generate traffic.

Click on the Banner below to begin the journey with CB ProAds and watch the video.