Napoleon Hills Secret to Success – Part 2

Napoleon Hills Secret to Success – Part 2

Continue with my previous post on Napoleon Hills Secret to Success – Part 1, Napoleon Hills Think and Grow Rich is widely regarded as the "Ultimate Motivational Book Ever Published." It was the first book to boldly ask the most important question, "What makes a millionaire?"  Napoleon Hills as a great thinker who also researched the answer by interview many success people during that time, Napoleon Hill, is now rated among the world's greatest winners. This most famous of all teachers of success spent "a fortune and the better part of his lifetime" to research the "Ultimate Laws of Success" and philosophy that forms the basis of this great book that is so powerfully for the mankind.

In the original edition of Think and Grow Rich, published in 1937, Hill draws on stories of Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and other millionaires of his generation to illustrate these timeless principles of wealth creation. This book is the number one Inspirational classic for individuals who are interested in learning from important figures in history. It was written by Napoleon Hill after he spent over 20 years researching the accomplishments and interview of 500 of the most successful people in the world during that time. This is arguably the best self-help book any entrepreneur could ever read. Perhaps the only one they need to. It guarantees a truly transformative experience. Think and Grow Rich is a timeless classic that has guided many to success. Without question, this single book has had a greater influence on the lives, accomplishments, and fortunes of more people than any other work of its kind.

A burning desire to be and to do is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off.

Many years ago, the commencement speaker at a prestigious university asked all members of the graduating class who had a definite plan for their lives to hold up their hands. As he looked around the room, only three hands were raised. Twenty-five years later, when the class held a reunion, the combined net worth of those three individuals exceeded that of the remainder of the class. People who know where they are going always achieve far greater levels of success than those who merely drift through life, expecting circumstances to create opportunities for them. Successful people create their own opportunities by focusing on goals with an intensity that borders on obsession. In this way, every action moves them toward their goal.

A positive mental attitude is an irresistible force that knows no such thing as an immovable body.

Time and again we hear stories about ordinary people who do seemingly impossible things when they find themselves in an emergency situation. They perform extra ordinary feats of strength and endurance, accomplish things they never dreamed they were capable of doing. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could harness that strength and make it available anytime you need it? The answer is Yes! You can — if you believe you can. can remember a time in your life when you were exceptionally focused on your objective? A time when you achieved your goal in less time than ever before. Perhaps it was some objective that motivated you to get everything done before you perform, or perhaps it was a “must pass” exam that helped you focus your concentration. The intensity that you developed in those situations is always available to you when you have a Positive Mental Attitude

A mind ill with negative attitudes is more dangerous than a sick body, for its sickness is always contagious.

Experts in human behaviour have discovered that it is virtually impossible for an individual member of a group not to be affected by other members. Likewise, the group itself is only as strong as its weakest link. It is rarely possible for the entire group to raise itself to higher levels of achievement than that of which the weakest member is capable. It is only possible for individuals who break out of the group to exceed the potential of the group as a whole. Don’t associate with those who are afflicted with the mental sickness of constant negative thinking. Associate with happy, positive, productive people. Your time is an asset to be managed more carefully than your money; spend it with people who share your desire to succeed and your commitment to maintain a Positive Mental Attitude.

Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude is so important that Napoleon Hills and one of the most successful business man W Clement Stone have together written a book “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude” When motivational pioneer Napoleon Hill and millionaire CEO W. Clement Stone teamed up to form one of the most remarkable partnerships of all time, the result was Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, the phenomenon that proposed to the world that with the right attitude, anyone can achieve his or her dreams.

What do you do when you get a great idea: do you act on it immediately or do you find all the reason why your idea is doomed?


This book builds on Napoleon Hill's two earlier works, "Think & Grow Rich" and its predecessor "The Laws of Success in 16 Lessons", and focuses on how developing a positive mental attitude combined with the other principles will bring you closer to success. The coauthor of this book, W Clement Stone, was one of Jack Canfield's mentors (of "Chicken Soup For the Soul" fame).


This book also emphasized on character as the foundation for success. Dishonesty and lack of integrity will lead to unsatisfying success. Too many people seem to think that you can have the flashy cars, the medals and the awards, without have a solid core of character.


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