Free Landing Page Builder WordPress Plugin

Looking for some awesome landing page builder?

I know, to build a landing page is the first thing you need to do for any kind of Internet Business, you need to build your list, for people to Opt-in and to follow up with Auto-responder so to make sales from your Affiliate offers.

There are a lot of landing page builders in the market, some even offer free, there are also some very expensive and you are going to pay for monthly subscription, I can’t denied they will cost a lot of money but they also provide good value.

Some of the page builder are so confusing that you need to spent a lot of time to understand how you are going to master it, you spent a good amount of time to make it right for normal computer screen, it looks beautiful, however, once you view it from Mobile, it looks really awful! You have to spent a lot of time to make margin and padding adjustment to it and your font size and also your image size, eventually you may mess it up totally!

But how about Free Landing Page Builder that provide you a good value yet they are Free?

Just drag-and-drop the component you want (like an image, buy now button, sign up form, video, etc.) exactly where you want it and boom?

Desktop and mobile formats with RESPONSIVE on-screen previews?

Drag and drop for ultimate ease?

Web-based so you don’t need any fancy computer and can access it from ANYWHERE.?

You are lucky today, you got the answer here!

It has not been released anywhere in the marketplace.

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That means sales pages, affiliate promo pages, download pages, Webinar replay pages, squeeze pages, video sales pages… ANYTHING.

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You can see the demo here:

free landing page builder


Just click the component you want to customize and boom! It’s that easy… and you have COMPLETE control to customize EVERYTHING…

You’re never “locked in” to the template like you are with other page builders.

Hurry to get your Free Landing Page Plugin if you are serious!